Living Life Outside the Box….

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Well, at least that is what our family THINKS we are doing….  And let me be clear, by stating, just because we have this blog, and we write about our successes….and sometimes our failures, we are always a “work in progress”.  Sometimes, when I read blogs, I feel inferior, like the people who write blogs are perfection which I will never be able to attain.  This ISN’T that blog and we AREN’T THAT family.  We own our failures as well as our success.  We live life as it happens and make adjustments when we see fit.  We don’t worry about perfection or even how to attain it, but just do the best we can, day by day.  We attempt to juggle our busy schedules like other families, while trying to make family the center of what we do.

The things I write about in this blog will be varied.  Sometimes it will be things we do, create, or make.  Sometimes it will be based on experiences we have or are finding our way through.  Sometimes it will be an opinion rant.  And sometimes it may stray way off course and be about living life outside the box…..

I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for reading!

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